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We are an environmental engineering that manufactures industrial water treatment plants.

With an ecologic vision, at C&G IBERICA, we use and project the best available technologies, in order to achieve the best results in the depuration of water.

Founded in 1979, we became the longest running manufacturer in the market.

We aim to give our clients the best solutions for industrial waste treatment, with chemical products, industrial evaporators, or water filtration systems.

Last news

  • 08January2018


    This time we present you our most recent project, the installation of a depuration plant in Vigo, Spain.

    The aim of this plant is to purify wastewater that comes from the productive processes of the automotive industry.
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  • 01December2017
    The role of wastewater in circular economy

    The role of wastewater in circular economy

    There are a lot of definitions of what is wastewater, but all of them share a point in establishing that wastewater is the result of the combination of effluents from different origins, domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial, even those that come from the agricultural sector.

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  • 21August2017
    Internationalization of C&G

    Internationalization of C&G

    In the last years, the importance of taking care of the environment and the search of solutions to reduce the industrial impact in it has influenced the creation of treaties and laws that affect all the sectors of society.

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