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DRY vacuum evaporators

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DRY vacuum evaporators

The DRY vacuum evaporators are design with pump heat technology and are horizontally developed with an external jacket that provides heat, that way the evaporation boiler stays diaphanous and without hindrances for emptying and cleaning.

These allow us reaching a dry residue and therefore completing the work cycle with the maximum minimization of residue and the maximum savings in external residue management.


  • The best European brand selection for every component of the equipment.
  • Inox. 316L dismountable in 4 parts boiler.
  • 15%-20% more capacity that its nominal value.
  • Automatic discharge of the distilled.
  • High concentration power only equipment able to reach dry residue.



  • Distill conductivity control.
  • Digital flowmeters for masses balance recording.

The DRY vacuum evaporators are horizontally developed with and external shirt that provides heat, while the recondensation boiler is located in the upper part.

The system works in a vacuum guarantying the minimum energy consumption.

The distance between the level of effluent to be treated and the condensates recollection tray, guarantee the absence of drag and in consequence a high pure distilled.