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We launch ECOLINE, a sustainable vacuum evaporation line manufactured from recycled evaporators.

What is ECOLINE?

ECOLINE consists in recycling amortized machines and even some that are outdated at regulatory level.

ECOLINE feeds from our dated machines that are in the market, in order to restore them. This way we turn a residue into a resource.

We buy amortized vacuum evaporators. In cases where the company need to change its treatment capacity, or simply where they no longer need the evaporator, we buy it.

The outdated evaporators are restored and reconditioned in accordance to the environmental and quality regulations. This is made in our factory in Barcelona. The machine is redesign, changing components and working parameters; the evaporator is tuned and left ready for its start-up.

This whole process is done complying with the highest design, efficiency and quality C&G standards.

How it works?

  1. The evaporator´s owner sends us the model, year of fabrication, serial number and actual photos of the machine.
  2. With this information, C&G IBERICA will send a technical valuation and economical offer to the owner that will work as a provisional proposal.
  3. In case the provisional proposal is accepted, C&G IBÉRICA, will have the opportunity to check out the machine in situ in order to confirm the economical offer or in any case, to modify this one in accordance to the machine actual state.
  4. In case the offer is accepted by the owner, C&G IBERICA, will pick up the evaporator and will start its restoration, to put in on sale afterwards.


  1. Components check out.
  2. Change of wear elements.
  3. Actualization and testing of the security elements (Complete RPO).
  4. Replacement of any elements that are out of the valid regulation.
  5. Actualization of the certification and pressure tests (tightness).
  6. Final functioning test and registration of data.

Seller's benefits

  • In case of needing another evaporator, the old one will be taken as a part of payment (prior technical assessment).
  • In case the sellers do not need a vacuum evaporation system, the sale result would be a bet benefit.
  • In any case, you contribute to the machine recycling, which decreases the environmental impact that the manufacturing of them produces.

ECOLINE buyer's benefits

  • As they are restored machines the delivery time is lover as are the PVP prices.
  • The quality and warranty (1 year) are the same as with a new evaporator.
  • Warranty that any components, gas and oil comply with the valid refrigeration regulations (RD 552/2019).
  • You contribute to environmental care.