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Industrial waste treatment services

Located in the centre of Barcelona, C&G Ibérica offers these services to its clients:

technical service industrial waste

Technical service

  • Technical – economical viability analysis of each project.
  • Customized tests and trials in our lab.
  • Pilot plants for industrial testing.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Engineering implantation services.
  • First quality guarantee.
  • Customer service.
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • Stock of spare parts in Barcelona.
  • Reengineering of existing projects and plants.
  • Periodic water analysis for internal control.
  • Analysis made in labs accredited by ACA.
  • Private area in our webpage to upload and download documents

Environmental engineering

Enviromental Engineering

Our technical department keeps our clients inform about different procedures that they have to compliment and present to the correspondent authorities or administration.

We carry out all kinds of management/projects related to the environment:


Projects for the homologation of wastewater.

Projects or technical memories to legalize all types of industrial facilities.

Studies of water reuse options, for irrigation or industrial use.

Water purification through natural systems: green filters and lagoons.

Design of independent gray and black water systems.

Storage and reuse of rainwater.


Energy counseling: Analysis of the energy needs actual use and potential improvement of the energy consumption system.

We made energy audits, projects, calculations, analysis and counseling in the implementation of reusable energy.


We conduct environmental impact studies.

Elaborate environmental integration annex for executive and constructive projects, subject to study and declaration of environmental impact, as well as well as environmental management of constructions.


Management and renewal of activity licenses and discharged permits.  

Support in the preparation and delivery of different administrative environmental procedures: water, waste, etc.

Request for financing, grants and subventions for different types of environmental investments.

industrial waste management

Waste management

Our Group Surfaquim has a center of waste transfer in Centelles.

In this centre we analyze our clients waste in a personalized way to offer the best options of discharge and management.


The aim of these studies is to find the viability in managing waste as valuable products.

We consider valuable waste, those who have certain components, whose value is greater than the cost of their recovery.

In order to determine that, our lab takes samples, analysis and trials are made, to see the possibilities of each waste and its best application.

All of this makes our clients activity sustainable, and furthermore their industrial activity more profitable.


AMI Projects

All of these services are specified in our AMI (by its initials in Spanish) Comprehensive Environmental Counseling projects, where we take everything into consideration, analyzing each production plant from the most ecological source materials choice and the production process to the most efficient productive water treatment process available in the market.

In the last stage, the best technology is applied to minimized waste and in the best case, valorized those as sub products.

If, at the end, they must be managed, the aim will be to deliver them free of water, as an inert waste to landfill, so that management cost as low as possible.

An AMI project has 4 stages:

- Audit and investigation: The manufacturing process is analyzed, with emphasis in every aspect that might have an environmental impact, specially raw materials used and the general conditions of the process.

In this first instance, one of our technicians would check the manufacturing process conditions on site, after a period of time, a detailed report would be written which includes a list of improvements pending approval.

 - Optimization: In this stage we put special attention in improving general manufacturing conditions, especially in the use of less contaminating materials, and in the maximum minimization of resources like water and energy.

This is the moment where a series of trials on site, would take place, with the collaboration of the client.

Thanks to this second phase, a previous minimization of waste, water and energy consumption would be made.

 - Minimization: Once the generated quantities are delimited in the previous phase, a third phase is initiated where we apply technology to minimized waste to obtain a solid concentrate, that we will try to valorize, and diluents recycling (water or dissolvent).

Some of the mention technologies are: ionic exchange, filtration (UF, Osmosis and MBR) and vacuum evaporation.

This third phase let us separate water from contaminants, this way we reach the fourth and final stage of the project, where we find an industrial application to these mud/solids. In this stage we also, recycle water, one of our most important goals.

- Recycling: Once we´d obtain a minimum quantity of free of water mud, we will valorize that final waste.

In this phase we develop an investigation I + D +i in order to try and transform what once was waste into a valuable product.

At this point, the company not only reaches conditions on zero waste discharge, furthermore it ends producing what can become others company raw materials.

To summarize, and AMI project is the best way to optimize the resources of any industrial plant, making it more sustainable in terms of waste discharge, water and energy consumption.