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V-NT DE vacuum evaporators

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V-NT DE vacuum evaporators

V-NT DE vacuum evaporators are double effect plants that take advantage of heat pump technology and an immersed coil. 

Integrated by two evaporators arranged in series called “effects”, in comparison with the V-NT model, they reduced energy cost a 45%, and because of that it represents an advantage in great flow treatment projects.


  • The best European brand selection for every component of the equipment.
  • Inox. 316L dismountable in 4 parts boiler.
  • Great energetic efficiency, 110w/evaporated liter.
  • 15%-20% more capacity that its nominal value.
  • High efficiency vacuum system (liquid ring).
  • Automatic discharge of the distilled through a centrifugation pump.
  • Recirculation and concentrate discharge without breaking vacuum.
  • High concentration power (1250-1300 g/l).
  • Additional interchanger to control freon’s temperature with a frequency variation system.
  • Touchscreen, internet connection and data registry.
  • In general, the V-NT DE model has the same benefits that the V-NT, saving a lot of energy, up to 45%.


  • Distill conductivity control.
  • Digital flowmeters for masses balance recording.
  • Automatic cleaning of the inferior coil.
Concentrate discharge control by conductivity, density, etc.

The V-NT DE vacuum evaporator is a plant integrated by two evaporators arranged in series called “effects”. Each one of them contains in the lower part and interchange in the form of a coil, through which water vapor circulates, and that is in charge of heating the treated dissolution that we want to evaporate.

The system works in a vacuum guarantying the minimum energy consumption.

For the system to work a frigorific compressor is needed. This compressor will pass the hot Freon through the lower exchanger of the first effect, and then to an expansion valve that will cool the Freon before sending it to the exchanger in the second effect.

The vapor generated in the first effect (first boiler) is channeled to the coil located in the lower part of the second effect. This way, we are taking advantage of the energy produce evaporating great amounts of waste at a very low energy cost.

The distance between the level of effluent to be treated and the condensates recollection tray, guarantee the absence of drag and in consequence a high pure distilled.


Cold Circuit

V-NT evaporators work with heat pump technology.

The core of the machine has a refrigeration system that uses the high pressure line to transfer heat to boil the wastewater in the first effect, and the low pressure line to condensate the distill product by extracting heat in the second effect.


Vacuum circuit

In order to achieve the necessary vacuum inside the boiler a system of a vacuum liquid ring pump and a high performance injector system are use (in each effect).

This extraction system produces a higher residual pressure in the first effect, to favor the reuse of heat.


Distill circuit

The concentrate discharge is made in an independent way.

In our V-NT equipment we have attached a deposit to accumulate the independent distill; each deposit has a centrifugation pump directed by a team of levels that constantly discharge the produced distills. 



Concentrate Distill

The concentrated product is discharged though a special pump (for high concentrations)that allows to discharged and recirculate the concentrate for a better uniformity of the waste, less formation of incrustations and the increase of the exchange heat coefficient.

Each effect is equipped with an independent discharged pump.


Automatization, alarms and control.

C&G evaporators can work 24/7 without necessary control, thanks to the management of the PLC.

The easy and intuitive configuration of the software allows and easier reading and an immediate configuration of the working parameters.

The use of a screen (optional in very model) guarantees an efficient and quick global control of the machine.